The first log train drive ‘Columbo’ celebrates its 211th in 2017 !


Throughout 2017 and this, during Canada’ s 150th anniversary celebrations, the COLUMBO 2017 team will invite as acting partners, the business communities, to officially confirm a stone sculpture donation portraying log-driving, highlighting an important part of Quebec’s history. Through this meshing of art and business collaboration, several activities will be primarily offered to the citizens of Quebec as a way to further develop their appreciation of the arts, history and heritage.

Following a planned minimum 15 city tour of Quebec, with a 3D model of the stone sculpture (from March 28 to April 17), will begin the preparations towards its inauguration slated for this up-coming fall, in Gatineau.

It was in 1806 that Columbo, the first log train drive named as such, left Montreal using the Ottawa River current as guide and path. At the time, by way of lac des Deux Montagnes, it took loggers 35 days to reach the St. Lawrence Seaway and on to Quebec City. The route was known to be particularly dangerous at the Long Sault Rapids which, at the time, bore a 14 metre slope along 10 kilometres. The canals were later reworked to eliminate long detours, reducing thereafter the overall trip to 24 hours. There were many thousands of log drives on the Ottawa River, Quebec‘s longest river (1,271 kilometres).
“As coordinator and artistic cultural developer of the project, I hope to mobilize citizens as well as entrepreneurs via a series of public conferences welcoming various speakers and historians. We’re happy to greet you onto our interactive web platform, , and to share our “Mediatheque” (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) regarding log driving, plus each week during 2017, will feature new, original outlooks on its history ,” said Mr. Alexandre Pampalon, who is responsible for the project.
Regarding the work:
The sculpture, made of 54 stones, is 3.2 meters long, two meters high and weighs 350 kilograms. The work is a contemporary historical frieze sculpted by hand by Quebec artist, Isabelle Regout, who is also on the international scene. We invite you to see the video of the sculpture on our Facebook page or via youtube at: ‪

The work, “Dompteurs d’Ecceuils,” is an homage to our log driving ancestors’ history. “Dompteurs d’Ecceuils,” depicts log drivers braving nature’s unexpected risking their lives, trail cutters who dared the impossible and who later instilled in successive generations a wind of admiration for perseverance and courage. An insight to determination, sculpted in stone, this is what is found in this grandiose work of art.
When Mr. Luc Fortin, minister of culture and communications of Quebec, was advised of the project, he commented that “this project allows us to celebrate our heritage and the founding work of our log driving ancestors and puts art at the forefront of our towns and villages.”

COLUMBO 2017 is inspired by what is part of our cultural transcripts symbolising the great current of our founding builders. It sets on the forefront the pride of our entrepreneurs, who still tread today the shores of the oceans of globalization.



For more information :
Alexandre Pampalon
Coordinator, Columbo 2017
A.B.C. Strategies, N.P.O
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